About Us

Communities Connect Network (CCN) is a statewide coalition of public and private organizations working to make Washington State a leader in “digital inclusion” – the movement to ensure that all individuals have access and the skills to use the Internet and information technologies.

CCN brings together community technology providers with state and local governments, corporate, philanthropic, and individual supporters to ensure that all residents are able to fully participate in Washington’s increasingly technology-rich society.

Most recently, CCN is the recipient of federal Department of Commerce NTIA Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) funding for public computing centers. The Communities Connect Network Project works to improve broadband adoption rates, workforce preparation, digital literacy, access to education, justice resources, and training at 22 sites in seven counties around Washington State. Partners include non-profits, libraries, community centers and courthouses. See BTOP Computer Labs for a complete list of partners.

CCN leads the following activities in order to foster digital inclusion and broadband adoption:

  1. Maps the community technology providers and learning centers in the state;
  2. Convenes a statewide Council on Digital Inclusion to advise, ensure strategic investments, develop partnerships and advocate for digital inclusion in Washington;
  3. Provides expertise and research on the state of digital inclusion and broadband adoption in Washington;
  4. Encourages sustainability and best practices in digital literacy and access service delivery through its resource portal and training for community technology providers.

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