Our Network

CCN is a network of people working to increase digital inclusion. Our network includes individual supporters, community based organizations, government bodies, technology and telecommunications companies, and more. We are also part of a larger network nationally and internationally.

CCN digital inclusion supporters  gathered in Olympia


CCN was created as a public-private collaborative and works closely with government agencies, the private technology and telecommunications industry, and local community based organizations on the frontlines of delivering services.

CCN digital inclusion supporters gathered in Olympia
to share the needs and impacts of Washington State community tech programs.

Other key partners in digital inclusion efforts of CCNP are: Training Partners Northwest Justice Project, NPower Northwest, SDK Bridge, STAR Center of Seattle, Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County, in partnership with state WorkSource centers; as well as JusticeNet, including Washington State Access to Justice Board, Office of Civil Legal Aid, and Administrative Office of the Courts, including the new legal information portal developed for BTOP justice sites, http://www.wajusticenet.org. CCN is proud to partner with these organizations that work to bring access to important services and technology for all residents of Washington State.

The Communities Connect Network and this website is made possible through funding from the City of Seattle Community Technology Program and through a Broadband Technology Opportunities Program grant (BTOP, CFDA #11.557).

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