CCN Programs

  1. Delivering technology access and literacy programs: Communities Connect Network (CCN) partners with and helps support public computing centers in Washington State who provide computer and internet access to vulnerable residents in urban and rural areas of our state. All of these technology learning centers are part of non-profit organizations, libraries or oher public agencies delivering vital community services.  See our Network Directory to find public computing centers offering Computer and Internet access in Washington State.
  2. Getting the word out about online services: Legal help, job training, and managing your finances are examples of the essential services found online that we help market through our network of programs reaching residents in need. JusticeNet, and the Workforce Development Council are among those providing content that we distribute. We also work with partners to develop content. A Public Law & Justice Center web portal was developed by CCN's JusticeNet partners in conjunction with our federal BTOP project.
  3. Building capacity of public computer centers: CCN facilitates training of center staff and volunteers, as well as the exchange of best practices and tools. We learn together from the programs on the front lines delivering services. Building the organizational capacity of public computing organizations helps public computing centers serve more people, and do it more effectively with more resources. In turn this helps foster sustainable program services. See our News and Events page for upcoming trainings and other activities, Forums for discussion of best practices and problem solving, and Resource Library for tools to help deliver services and manage programs.
  4. Research & Evaluation: CCN works with the University of Washington Information School and others to evaluate the impact of community technology and broadband access and adoption programs in Washington State. This has also included working with Washington State University Center to evaluate the state's Community Technology Opportunity Program.
  5. Advising on strategic investments: The Communities Connect Network Project partners, staff and advisors bring years of expertise to the field, reaching very diverse communities. Our Network is able to provide advice to others looking to contribute volunteers, resources or make financial investments in broadband adoption and digital inclusion.
  6. Participating in national networks and initiatives: The Communities Connect Network Project works with the NTIA, other state and federal agencies, NTEN and other community technology and digital inclusion agencies and networks to ensure we bring the best to Washington State and share innovative and effective programs and strategies developed here.
  7. CCN e-Newsletter: CCN distributes a regular monthly e-newsletter to anyone interested in CCN work and progress. You can access the Newsletter Archive of past newsletters and be added to our distribution list.