Washington State Council on Digital Inclusion (CoDI)

The Communities Connect Network created a multisector Council on Digital Inclusion (CoDI) in response to the need for coordinated strategies and knowledge exchange across the multiple groups and agencies grappling with the challenge of including all of Washington’s citizens in the opportunities offered by 21st century technologies. 

Most recently, CoDI submitted comments to the Federal Communications Commission regarding reform to the Lifeline/LinkUp programs. Read the full document here

The Council on Digital Inclusion provides a forum for:

  • Coordinating programs and investments 
  • Analyzing research and data
  • Establishing priorities and strategies for state, private and community efforts;
  • Sharing challenges, needs, best practices and resources; and
  • Creating partnerships.

The Council has also functioned as a review panel for the Community Technology Opportunity Program, a Washington State grant program for community technology providers.